Paragon NTFS v15.5.53 MacOS Read and Write Windows NTFS format Under OSX for Mac

Hello friends Today, we will give you full information about. Paragon NTFS v15.5.53 MacOS Read and write Windows NTFS format under OSX for Mac in this article. And will also tell you how to use this software. All these things will be told to you step by step in this article. Together with this, The download link of the software will also be given that you download. And partition your hard disk inside your Mac Book with the help of this software. And this software can also be used within USB flash drive. You can also read this article in more detail below in this article.

Direct Download Link: (46.2 Mb)

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Mac App Store Preview:

NTFS Assistant
NTFS Assistant
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  • NTFS Assistant Screenshot
  • NTFS Assistant Screenshot
  • NTFS Assistant Screenshot
  • NTFS Assistant Screenshot

Paragon NTFS v15.5.53 MacOS

One problem faced by Mac users is that because of differences in partitions on Mac and Windows. Mac users can not use flash drives or USB storage such as external. HDDs in Windows formats such as Ms-Dos, NTFS, At Mac, identify and transfer data with this storage space. The solution to this problem is very simple. Just install Paragon NTFS software.

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Key features of Paragon NTFS software :

  • Access to any version of NTFS on Mac X
  • Easy to use for any NTFS partition with no specific commands
  • New interface
  • Powerful engine for performing partitioning tasks
  • Build, format Remove, undelete, hide and unhide hard drives, enable or disable partitions,
  • Change or delete drive names, change hard drive partition stickers,
  • Convert non-formatted file systems, check the integrity of system files, etc.
  • Separate by decoupling the operating system and data partitions on two different partitions of the same type
  • Redistribution of space
  • Fever Yale normal MBR disk to GPT disks
  • Paragon NTFS backup industry or update files with incremental or differential
  • Now Backup to called or not called partitions, external storage devices, CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs, shared networks, FTP / SFTP servers, and secure and hidden partitions
  • Backup And play Abby to/from FTP / SFTP servers
  • Encrypt and put a password on backups
  • Copy a full hard disk or separate partitions and resize a partition when copying
  • Support for various virtual machines like VMware Fusion And Parallels Desktop.
Paragon NTFS v15.5.53 MacOS Read and Write Windows NTFS format under OSX for Mac

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but what’s the difference between this software and other partition management software?

Paragon NTFS is a powerful software program from Paragon Software. The suite of all the tools you need to manage and support your hard drive. This software allows you to have advanced partitioning without losing data. A regular system and data recovery, fixing any boot system problems, managing. And replacing multiple operating systems. Introducing a new drive in the service, copying old hard drives, and creating new hard drives. Provides regular back up and automatic management. This software has a powerful toolkit that is specially designed to solve problems with the hard disk while using the system. The powerful partitioning engine of this software is comprehensive with all modern hard drive technologies.

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Read and write Windows NTFS format under OSX for Mac

Full access to NTFS volumes under OS X El Capitan. NTFS for Mac 14 gives full read. And compose access to Windows-formatted NTFS partitions on OS X. Paragon NTFS separates the boundaries among Windows and OS X. Paragon NTFS successfully tackles correspondence issues between the Mac framework and NTFS. Giving full read and Mac users can not blaze or USB memory and outside capacity like with Ms-Dos. Because of the distinction between partitions in Macs and Windows. Mac users can not keep in touch with Windows NTFS partitions under OS X. Windows mail formats, for example, NTFS and in the Mac. Information move and distinguishing proof with this kind of capacity is an exceptionally straightforward answer for this issue is to just introduce Paragon NTFS.

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It has refreshed the newest OS X El Capitan with the System Integrity Protection (SIP) include. This new security system prevents alterations to certain framework documents, cases and forms. This keeps the parts on the plate. And at run-time, the framework installer and programming to adjust just enabling framework parallels refreshes.

The System Integrity Protection introduction has given the calculations, which newly run the NTFS for Mac® driver, non-useful. Besides, all cross-stage answers for OS X Yosemite will never again work with OS X 10.11 El Capitan with no extra fixes. To keep users glad and make this urgent security overhaul smooth and invisible, we have finally refreshed Paragon’s smash hit NTFS driver for OS X El Capitan.

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Highlights of Paragon NTFS:

  1. Access to any form of NTFS in Mac OS X
  2. Easy to use for each NTFS parcel without the requirement for uncommon requests
  3. Works with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan!
  4. Support for non-Roman characters and dialects
  5. No farthest point to most extreme record/parcel size (for Mac OS X and NTFS details)
  6. Native help for broadened characteristics
  7. The most exceptional help for the HFS + and NTFS document framework highlights
  8. Unprecedented solidness even under the substantial outstanding burden
  9. Easy to set up and use.
  10. Extra arrangement after establishment required No

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WHAT’S NEW Version 15.1.70:

  • Release notes were inaccessible when this posting was refreshed.


We hope you have liked this article because today we have given. Paragon NTFS v15.5.53 MacOS Read and write Windows NTFS format under OSX for Mac full information about this software. In this article and along with this you have also given the software download link. On which you can download it for your Macbook. If you like this article you can tell us your opinion in the comment below.

Direct Download Link: (46.2 Mb)

Adfly Link: (46.2 Mb)

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