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Infographics v3.4.8 for Mac – Special Infographic Design on Mac



Hello friends How do we use this software to Infographics v3.4.8 for Mac? Special Infographic Design on a Mac in this article. And it uses what kind of software inside this software? And this will allow us to project our projector to our clients. With beautiful and beautiful new ways By making the infographic maker. You can change the large photo inside the infographics into this software. The specific thing about this software is With the help of this. We can translate our themes or banners well into infographics. It can create which for the blogs or website. We can create with the help of this software and inside it and we can create photos. We can also create the cover of the eBook with the help of this software. Making infographic maker is easy with this software.

Download: (89.3 Mb)

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Infographics Lab – Templates ( Mac App Store Preview) 

Developer: Graphic Node
Price: 27,99 €

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Infographics v3 .4.8 for Mac – Special Infographic Design on Mac

Infographics are a collection of new vector images titled Graphics. Graphs, featuring 25 attractive vector images in EPS and JPG formats. These images are simple in their backgrounds, which gives you to select in new colors as your image. You can easily add images to Pages, Numbers, eBooks Author with Infographics software.

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Key features of Infographics v3 software :

  • Includes 25 awesome vector photos
  • Ability to add photos to Pages, Numbers, eBooks Author
  • Simple and easy interface

Infographic Maker – Templates (Mac App Store Preview )

Developer: Alungu
Price: 20,99 €

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Infographic maker for Mac

The Infographics are the variety collects a good chance of attracting to designs. For setting your first introductions great. Infographic is a used-to get of quality making tools. All pictures incorporate clear foundations. That helps them to make in different modes and shaped supports. 

It draws the better part of the shapes of the elements. And you can easily change their fill, dark, and new guidelines. They think infographics to used with Apple’s Keynote. But you can besides pasting the pictures into Pages, Numbers, or eBooks Author.

Infographics v3 contains:

  • 33 diagram themes with 10 outlines each
  • 65 themes of information perception elements
  • 1,135 graphs of slides
  • 60 sets of infographic elements
  • 10 sets of additional introduction slides
  • 1 world guide
  • 6 maps of landmasses
  • 17 maps of global associations
  • 207 banners of nations and regions – 23 banners of worldwide associations – 60 national images sets – 201 maps of nations
  • 11 maps of nations with their managerial divisions (counting the US, UK. Germany, France, China, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) – 55 sets of US images

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All pictures have a reliable program that sets up them to be set in various shades and designed supports. They attract most elements shapes. And you can with hard of a stretch to change their fill, darkness, and new guidelines.


We hope you have liked this article because of today. We have given you a full explanation about Infographics v3 in this article. All images create and put in our Blog and website. Infographics for mac Or how can you create your photos into Infographics for eBooks cover? It is easy to make infographics from this software. We must click on the download button. And You can install it and download free of this software install it in your MacBook and iPhone. If you love this article then you can tell us your opinion in the comment below. Thank you so much.

Download Link Below: (89.3 Mb)



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