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iFlicks v3.0.2 Software to send Video documents to iTunes for Mac



iFlicks v3.0.2 Software

Hello Friend. Today we will give you all the details about this software in the article. iFlicks v3.0.2 Software to send video documents to iTunes for Mac. And you will also get free download link of this software by clicking the download button below you can download it in your MacBook. And then install it You can manage your image videos accordingly. They will read all its details below in this article.

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iFlicks v3.0.2 MaciOS – Software to send video documents to iTunes for Mac

Have you at any point required to impart your recordings to your iPhone. iFlicks is software that makes you make all video documents into iTunes with no improvements. And after that share it with iPhone and iPod contact gadgets.

Mac App Store Preview

Developer: Jendrik Bertram
Price: Free+
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Key highlights of iFlicks software :

  • Convert and import a wide range of video records to iTunes software.
  • Quick stacking velocity for transformation and exchange
  • Simple and simple interface

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Use iFlicks to add your video documents to iTunes and iOS gadgets. Add metadata to Movies and TV Programs to make your video library look good. Dealing with your video accumulation on your Mac has never been this quiet.

iFlicks is about Movie and TV Show Metadata. It invites you to make your iTunes Library look strange by including metadata. All using a wonderful User-Interface. On the off chance, you adore Movies the same amount of as we do, you need them to look lovely in your iTunes Library. You can even refresh existing Videos by removing them to the iFlicks window. It truly breathes life into your iTunes Library.

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iFlicks v3.0.2 MaciOS features:

  1. The automatic query for Movie and TV Show metadata.
  2. The automatic query for captions and section titles.
  3. Clever parsing of document names.
  4. Finds lovely works of art, including squared Artwork for TV Shows.
  5. Metadata is adaptable using Rules.
  6. Using iFlicks you can process your Videos quicker than any time in recent memory you can watch them on your iOS gadget immediately.
  7. Quick handling of many video types.
  8. High-Quality Video Encoding.
  9. Audio support for many tracks in various dialects in surround sound and encompass.
  10. I to insert – Support for captions and part titles in your video records.
  11. Dedicated presents to streamline recordings for any Apple gadget like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  12. Also

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Your Video Content isn’t H.264. No issue iFlicks uses the most developed encoders to change over. You’re video stream while keeping quality high and records sizes low.

I can exchange many present video documents to m4v compartments without extensive re-encoding or loss of value. iFlicks experiences a lot to make this simple for you.
Computerize the undertaking you pursue time using Rules, Watch Folders and Scripts.

Open Videos replicated to Watch envelopes. Run custom rules to adjust Metadata and Surroundings. Use the Apple Script to computerize preparation.
  • Custom envelopes with computerized handling.
  • Powerful guideline framework to change your work process.
  • Apple Script support for works.
  • Integrated firmly with iTunes.

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You can move metadata around your desires. Yet in addition naturally, pick choices for preset. Goal and further handling relying upon record way, type or different conditions.

Watch Folder

Process video documents dropped to cases you have set up as watch organizer.
What’s going on in Version 2.4.8

iFlicks v3.0.2 iFlicks 2.4 is the second real update to the great iFlicks 2

As expected, we have made colossal endeavors in significantly improving iFlicks. With this modification, you can use the additional usefulness we have been chipping away at over the previous year. This is another huge storm that puts iFlicks much further in the face of its action.

More metadata

Other than the gesture picture and TV Programs metadata. iFlicks is fixed to take part titles and subtitles for your recordings. It will likewise make section pictures for your titles and inserted these directly into video documents. Clearly. This is all configurable using the soft model framework to find your special needs.

Stunningly better principles

The rules have made another progression forward. You could now do custom content swaps for explicit labels. And breaking point the number of trips for fields enjoys performing artists or work systems. Also, the standard framework has picked up two more predicates and moves you can make a favorable position of.

Consistent improvement

In a steady exertion to do iFlicks honest with a new program and legal rules. We have passed another change forward and extremely leading form of debased program works.

Such huge quantities of other easily overlooked details. A big number of which were proposed by our great clients. Have been improved and included that we can not show them all here.


We hope you have loved this article because today we have the full details of this software for you. iFlicks v3.0.2 Software to send video documents to iTunes for Mac. And you have given this software absolutely free. You can click on the download button to download it from your MacBook. If you like this article you can easily download us in the comment below, tell us so much.

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